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Midlife Moxie: Encouraging Women's Wellness, 
Menopause Support,
& Life Coaching

Midlife Moxie ignites your inner spark, guiding you through menopause and midlife transitions with sass, sisterhood, and science-backed support, so you can embrace this chapter of life like the radiant queen you are.

We focus on every little detail

REVIVE retreats

Ready to trade in your daily grind for some sandy toes and soulful growth? Our Midlife Moxie "Revive" beach retreat is calling your name, and trust me, it's the getaway you didn't know you needed!

Picture this: April 24th-27th, just a stone's throw from Charleston, SC. You, the beach, and a tribe of fabulous women ready to embrace this new chapter of life with open arms and a glass of bubbly (or green juice, you do you!).

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in combining cutting-edge menopause medicine with transformative life coaching, creating a holistic approach that nurtures both body and spirit to help women not just survive, but truly flourish in midlife.


 Tune in

Tune in and level up with the duo every  3rd Thursday on the Life Coach BFF Show - the top 2% podcast that's serving up         midlife moxie and menopause magic faster than you can say "hot flash"!



Get ready for a midlife glow-up, sister!


When you bring Dr. Carol Lynn and Heather Pettey to your event, it's like inviting your wisest, wittiest BFFs to spill the tea on all things menopause and midlife magic.


Picture this: cozy vibes, belly laughs, and "aha!" moments galore as these real life friends dish out medical know-how and life-changing wisdom.  


It's part girls' night, part masterclass, and 100% transformative.


You'll leave feeling seen, heard, and armed with the moxie to tackle your best chapter yet.


Trust me, your audience will be buzzing about this for years to come!



"Thrive in 30 Days" - the ultimate online glow-up for those navigating the wild ride of menopause and beyond!


This isn't your grandma's menopause course, honey. It's a 30-day transformation party led by Dr. Carol Lynn (OB/GYN and menopause expert) and Heather Pettey (CPC and queen of self-development).

Our private coaching options are like having a personal cheerleader, menopause whisperer, and life transformation guru all rolled into one fabulous package - and the best part? It's all online, so you can slay your goals in your PJs if you want! 

What Our Clients Say

Heather, thanks to our coaching sessions, I feeling more confident and less anxious than I have since childhood. I've also found listening to your podcast between sessions to be beneficial when I feel stressed or need to be encouraged. Thanks so much!

Julie T.

For years I've been trying to get doctors to listen to me. Thyroid issues run in my family and I was pretty sure I had begun peri-menopause. Dr. Carol Lynn is the first doctor to listen to me. She ran multiple bloodwork test until she found the problem. The amount of relief I feel to not be treated like I was seeking attention or crazy is indescribable.



I feel welcomed & I learn so much

So many wonderful take aways. I love how GOD flows through. Fills my mind & soul

Valencia Key

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful today's coaching session was... just the stories and honesty, and the fact we're not alone.


As Seen On

Eating Watermelon on the Beach

Midlife women are a powerhouse demographic with unmatched spending power, influence, and a hunger for authentic connections, making them the ultimate trifecta for savvy sponsors looking to skyrocket their brand's success and impact.

Eager to work together?

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